Skip Tracing

SKIP TRACING BLAST FROM THE PASTIn my early days of Frank M. Ahearn skip tracing, Voter Registration offices were the easiest places to extract information from. I use to call and find if someone was registered and I would get an address and phone number. If I remember correctly I believe I was able to obtain party affiliation also. This is kind of a loony idea to let volunteers possible access you your driver’s license and last four digits of a your social security number. I wonder if they do background check on employees and volunteers.

I began looking into Voters Registration fraud but, goddam, there is so much of it I did not know where to start. I figured it best to leave it alone and move on. My final words are I cannot believe big brother gives these numb nuts at Voters Registration such access.

An old Social Security card with the "not...

An old Social Security card with the “not for identification” message (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The states are required to verify the driver’s license number against the state MVA database. Only in situations where no driver’s license exists should the states verify the last four digits of the new voter registrant’s Social Security Number—now coining the hip abbreviation of SNN. Gotta appeal to the younger folks.

The state submits the last four digits of the SNN, the name and the date of birth to the MVA for verification with SSA. In addition, the SSA is required to report whether its records indicate that the registrant is deceased. It’s like a game of monkey in the middle the information goes here, there and everywhere for verification. The more hands that are involved open the door to making the information vulnerable.

To ensure the privacy of the SNN, HAVA restricted the collection to only the last four of the SSN. HAVA provides that these last four digits do not constitute an SSN. This make total sense when you call most companies what do they ask for verification? Correct the last four of your social security number.

The moral of this social security story is that roughly one hundred years later Big Brother is still figuring out ways to categorize and track us by using our number, our identity. Something that was once assigned to give us aided security now gives security to the handlers. And we have no choice but to accept it and fall into the gap.

What is next? Well, perhaps the Internet ID Plan…